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Altumind enables its clients to achieve digital transformation with tangible outcomes. To do so we rely on a combination of:

  • Expertise in emerging technologies
  • Experience in both traditional and modern software engineering paradigms
  • Knowledge of various business domains (Finance, HR, Supply Chain, IT, Compliance)
  • Alliances with industry-leading platforms
  • Proven methodologies and accelerators/tools for strategizing, prioritizing, delivery, project/program management and managing change

Our team has extensive experience spanning business-IT strategy to execution of package and custom-built enterprise applications, process optimization, automation, and rollouts.

As strategizing, enabling and managing digital transformation becomes more complex for enterprises, our vision is to be their partner of choice to deliver smooth, calibrated, customized transformation journeys. We will earn this right by utilizing our repertoire of technical skills, domain knowledge and business acumen with integrity to:

  • Create unique and relevant solutions and mitigate implementation risks; and
  • Deliver tangible business outcomes and optimized RoI for every customer.

Our mission is to help enterprises get rid of the observed sub-optimality created by having to rely on multiple vendors/service partners. We deliver superior engagement experience even as we help our customers to:

  • Put in place the right technology “building blocks” for their business; and
  • Achieve tangible and intangible business outcomes from their technology investments.