Application Managed Services

Boost business productivity while sustainably reducing maintenance and support costs

Different applications support different functions (Finance, HR, Operations, CRM, Compliance etc.) within your enterprise. To keep your business running smoothly, all these applications need to be well maintained to ensure that they remain aligned to what the business needs. This also includes proactive monitoring of applications, managing upgrades and updates and providing users with Level 1/2/3 support on a 24×7 basis.

Every now and then, users may encounter some technical issues that prevent them from using one or more applications, thus disrupting their work and impacting productivity. Companies recognize the need to address such incidents quickly, but increasingly, are not keen on hiring in-house FTEs because the nature of the work is sporadic and the associated fixed costs are high. Maintenance and Support activities consume a large chunk of the enterprise IT budget because it is hard to find experienced talent to work on certain legacy platforms. Also, many older systems have “evolved” over time in a haphazard manner and are poorly documented.

‌Altumind’s Application Managed Services (AMS) can help your enterprise address the above challenges. Even as we maintain your applications, we identify improvement possibilities through systematic streamlining of the portfolio to reduce complexities and eliminate redundancies, thereby lowering the overheads associated with managing and maintaining the myriad enterprise applications, whether they are on-prem, or on the cloud. Our managed services cover application health, incident management, change management, release management, break-fix reduction, quicker resolution- all of which are critical to the business.

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