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Sox and Internal Audit Bot

SOX impacts many teams within a company including Accounting & Finance, IT, and executive leadership. SOX compliance is an extremely time-consuming and manual process. Altumind’s SOX and Audit testing Bot can decrease control failures, improve control testing coverage and boost cost savings.  

  • Internal Audit – Data gathering and Risk Assessment  
  • Governance – Security Scans and Compliance Testing  
  • Reporting – SoX, NIST, ICFR, IRDA, TRAI, GST, ISO27001,PCI, DSS, etc.  
  • Access Comtrols and Audits – User Access Management, Review and Audit,  SOD   
  • Security Training and Incident Monitoring – Threat Detection, Vulnerability Management, Security & Compliance Training 


    IT Helpdesk Automation Bot

    Improve Productivity and customer satisfaction using Altumind’s RPA based helpdesk automation solution  

    • Omni-Channel Support  
    • AI Models for Ticket Analysis and Categorization  
    • Auto Ticket Resolution  
    • Reporting  


    • Reduce IT Tickets backlog wth accurate Ticket Routing  
    • Reduce IT Ticket resolutions costs by ~ 70%  
    • Reduce Ticket Resolution time  
    • Improve customer satisfaction 


    AP Invoice Automation Bot

    Manage large volumes of invoices and financial transactions between a company and its suppliers using Altumind’s AP Invoice Automation Bot. This RPA Solution suite includes: 

    • Reduces average Invoice processing time by 75-80%  
    • Reduces average Invoice processing cost  
    • Reduce invoice approval time  
    • Reduce invoice processing errors caused by manual data entry 


      Remittance Advice Processing Bot

      Extract relevant data from customer remittance advice using RPA Solution and Machine learning , match with bank payments and AR cash register, and once matched reconcile customer payment in ERP using Altumind’s Remittance Advice Processing Solution  

      • Reduces average Cash Receipt processing time by 75-80%  
      • Reduces average payment period  
      • Reduce human errors   
      • Improve Order to Cash cycle 


        Procure to Pay

        A typical enterprise Procure to pay cycle involves a high volume of paper-based processing, process gaps, compliance issues, and time-consuming tasks. Altumind’s  Procure to Pay RPA solution suite automates the repetitive and time-consuming processes and eliminates inconsistencies and delays. This RPA Solution suite includes:  

        • Supplier Selection and Onboarding   
        • Supply and Demand Planning   
        • Purchase Order Management   
        • Contract Management  
        • AP Invoice Automation  
        • Work Order Management 

          Order to Cash

          Altumind’s Order to Cash Automation solution suite speeds up the entire cycle through RPA Bots and Machine Learning. Automation solutions minimizes manual errors and helps free up time for business users to focus on more strategic tasks. Altumind’s Order to Cash RPA Solution suite includes:  

          • Sales Opportunity Qualification   
          • Deal Booking   
          • Sales Order Creation and Processing  
          • Invoice Creation and Delivery   
          • Cash Receipt Processing   
          • Aging Analysis and Collections Automation 

            AI Models

            Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies for shaping future businesses. It can optimize many processes throughout the organizations. Traditional RPA Solutions powered with machine learning and data science capability can help enterprises achieve Hyper Automation.  

            Altumind has certified RPA experts, AI(Artificial Intelligence) specialists, Data scientists who have identified  suitable processes and used cases and developed AI Models that can be leveraged by enterprises acrossss all industries. Our team has extensive experience in Model development, Training, Deploying ,Managing and Improving Machine learning models from UiPath,, Sage Maker, or Tensor Flow 


            Business Forecasting

            Altumind ML Models for Business Forecasting

            • Cash Forecasting
            • Sales Forecasts
            • Revenue Leakages
            • Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
            • Customer churn

            Intelligent Document Processing

            Altumind ML Models for intelligent Document Processing

            • AP Invoice and Utility Bills Processing
            • Purchase Order Processing
            • Expense Receipt Processing
            • Cash Receipt Processing
            • Sales Order Processing

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