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Emerging technologies are opening up new possibilities to make business processes more innovative, productive and agile. What enterprises need is a partner who can jointly envision such possibilities and deploy a team of experts to work collaboratively with in-house subject matter experts to translate these possibilities into reality. In some areas, technologies are enabling business, while in others, they are driving business transformation. Most enterprises will need new technology-based solutions. They will also need to modernize their legacy systems which are not designed and built to take advantage of recent technological advancements such as AI-ML, Analytics, IoT etc.


Altumind’s Application Development and Modernization team can help your enterprise develop new applications and modernize legacy systems to drive Digital Transformation across your enterprise. Our capabilities in contemporary platforms, architecture paradigms and software engineering approaches (Agile methodologies, DevOps and Test Automation) shrinks development and deployment times and minimizes business disruptions.

We provide the necessary technical advisory, development and support guidance for refreshing your enterprise applications strategy. We can assist in creating a portfolio modernization strategy for your legacy applications and thereafter, provide execution support all the way through migration to the latest cloud-based architectures and infrastructure.

Our thoughtfully calibrated approach is effective because:

  • The IT landscape at most enterprises is a mix of custom-built systems and package implementations, with customizations over time compounding the challenge.
  • We make use of this opportunity to simplify your overall IT footprint, cleanse data,and raise the level of security, scalability and availability of various application.
  • We assist in migrating applications and data to the Cloud to deliver superior performance and
  • We make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for your enterprise to evolve new functionality, develop new features etc.

We deliver tangible ROI because our team is made up of people with broad and deep technology expertise and extensive development experience across multiple platforms. The team has extensive experience in rationalizing application portfolios; documenting requirements; conducting gap analyses; re-architecting and re-engineering applications, and building, integrating and deploying custom applications. The domain knowledge around enterprise functions such as Finance, HR, CRM, IT, Procurement, Compliance etc. that exists within our larger organization complements the above-mentioned capabilities.

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